How do I book if I'm not a member - how do I create a Pay As You Go account?

How do I book if I'm not a member - how do I create a Pay As You Go account?

If you do not have a membership or one of our discount/loyalty cards you can still make and pay for your bookings online by creating a Pay As You Go account.  

Our Pay As You Go account not only lets you book and pay for activities on our app or website,  you'll also get points every time you visit that you can use to pay for activities in the future.

Helpful hint
Please DO NOT set up a Pay As You Go account if you already have an online booking account with us eg if you have a membership (except soft play), discount, loyalty or 10 for 8 card or you have previously set up a Pay As You Go Account in the past 12 months. Setting up a second account may cause errors with your bookings.

1. Please click on the following link to create your account. 

2. The video below takes you through how to set up an account step by step.

3. Once you have created your account we will send you an email to confirm it has been set up and to give you your unique Member ID. Please keep this in a safe place as you may need it in future.

How to Create a Pay As You Go Account Video

Remember to download our app from the Google and Apple Stores once you have set up your account.

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