How do I move my child to a different class?

How do I move my child to a different class?

If you want to move time, day or venue:
1. Click Here and have a look at our timetable of lessons on our website for classes at the same level as you/your child are currently at.
2. Note the details of class/es which would suit you.
3. Click here and complete and submit our Movements form.
4. The team will get back in touch with you to say if there is availability and what the next steps are. 

Moving up a level:

Please note that moving up a level is dependent on the ability of the child and our coaching team will email you when your child is ready to move.  Each of our sports coaching programmes have several levels that your child will progress through as they become more skilled and competent. You will be able to keep up to date with their progress through the Coaching Home Portal. Once they have completed the skills at their current level and their coach is happy with their progress we'll email you to let you know your child is ready to move up and what the next steps are.

We also work closely with sports clubs across Edinburgh and identify children from our programme who would benefit from moving into a club environment. We would let you know they contact details for any local clubs that you might want to consider.

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