How to book a Family Fun Swim session using the app.

How to book a Family Fun Swim session using the app.

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You can book a Family Fun Swim session online here or you can book using our app which you can download from Apple and Android app stores. 


  1. 1. Choose your venue 

  1. 2. Choose ‘Family Fun Swim’ tile 

  1. 3. Choose the Family Fun Swim session day/time you want to book 


  1. 4. The system knows who you are so will automatically charge you the correct price.  You can see the prices for a Family Fun Swim on any venue’s ‘Membership and Pricing’ web page.  If swimming is included in your membership, you will not be charged. 
    Tap ‘Add more people’ to book more people into your Family Fun Swim session. 

  1. 5. Add the number of adults, Junior 0-4 years and Junior 5-17 years you want and tap ‘Apply’. You can book for a maximum total of 4 adults, 4 Junior 0-4 years and 4 Junior 5-17 years. 

  2. If anyone in your party has an Edinburgh Leisure membership or discount card, do not include them in your booking. They should book themselves into the same session as you separately.  If you simply add them to your booking you will be charged the full price for their Family Fun Swim. 

  3. The only way they can benefit from their membership/discount price is to book themselves into the same session. 




  1. 6. Check you have booked the correct numbers at the correct time, and then tap book.   

  1. 7. Follow payment instructions and you will be able to see your booking on  

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