How to activate your Coaching HomePortal Account

How to activate your Coaching HomePortal Account

With our Coaching HomePortal you can:

  1. View all your class information
  2. View the skills taught in the class and progress in these
  3. When you/your child is ready to move up a class, we’ll send you an email and you can book into your new class on the portal
  4. Add children onto your account
  5. Book new classes at a number of venues.
You cannot currently cancel a class or change the time or venue of a class on the Home Portal.
- If you want to cancel a class please fill in this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
- If you/your child are in a class, e.g. entry gymnastics, and you want to change the time or venue of that class please complete this form.

If you/your child is in our coaching programme and you have never activated your account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Activate button.
  3. Enter your child's card number and click Continue. The card number will be on your space booking confirmation email. If you cannot find this, contact your venue's coaching team below.
  4. Enter your child's Date of Birth followed by either the email address or postcode you provided when signing up.  
  5. If you have more than one child in our coaching programme you can add them to your account by clicking 'Add another member'.
  6. When you have entered all details click Continue.

If you have activated your account but have forgotten your password:

1. Go to

2. Click the ‘Forgotten your password’ link in the ‘Log into HomePortal’ section and follow the instructions.

If you cannot find your/your child’s card number on any of our emails, please contact your venue’s coaching team:

Ainslie Park Leisure Centre -
Balerno High School - 
Craiglockhart Leisure & Tennis Centre - 
Drumbrae Leisure Centre - 
Gracemount Leisure Centre - 
Glenogle Swim Centre - 
Jack Kane Sports Centre - 
Kirkliston Leisure Centre - 
Leith Victoria Swim Centre - 
Meadowbank Sports Centre - 
Portobello Swim Centre - 
Queensferry High School -
Royal Commonwealth Pool - 
Tumbles at Portobello - 
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