Can 1 parent attend with 2 children in the 18 months - 3 years Gym Nippers coaching class?

Can 1 parent attend with 2 children in the 18 months - 3 years Gym Nippers coaching class?

Yes, they can. 

For participants in our adult & child gymnastics we strongly recommend a ratio of 1 adult per child if at all possible as the adult is required to physically support the child through some skills, under instruction from the coach.  We recognise though that there are circumstances when 1 adult to 2 children is necessary, for example, if there are twins, siblings of close age, a childminder with 2 charges or a grandparent with 2 grandchildren/cousins. 

As we like to assist customers to attend whenever possible, we would ask them to book in and to speak to the Gymnastics Co-Ordinator (or Coach) to make us aware when they first attend class. 

The coaches will try to help whenever they can however overall class management and supervision is their priority.  Close supervision of both children by their adult is essential at all times and we reserve the right to discuss this with the adult again if we feel it is not working for some reason. 
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