Sports Pitches Terms and Conditions

Sports Pitches Terms and Conditions

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  1. Edinburgh Leisure shall service and maintain the activity areas, facilities and equipment covered by the agreement to ensure customer safety throughout the term of agreement.
  2. The person responsible for the extended let must pay for any facility equipment that is lost or damaged through improper use. This payment will be due no later than 7 days after the club has been informed of the due payment.
  3. Edinburgh Leisure will not pursue the hirer for replacement costs resulting from the normal wear and tear of items hired for the activity stated on the application.
  4. If a hirer ceases hire of the facility, they are required to remove any of their own equipment within 7 days of the final use. If the hirer fails to do this, Edinburgh Leisure may dispose of the equipment and charge the hirer for any costs occurred.
  5. A minimum of 21 days’ notice is required by the let holder for early withdrawal from the extended let or individual cancellation. In the event of a late cancellation (i.e. less than 21 days) by the hirer, a cancellation charge of the total value will be made.
  6. Cancellation periods for a league affiliated fixture is 48 hours notice.
  7. Cancellations will only be honoured by contacting the bookings team.

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