What is casual swim?

What is casual swim?

From Monday 23rd May you'll be able to enjoy a casual swim in our pools. 


You'll be able to see when these sessions are running on our online timetables and book them from 9pm Saturday 14th May, with the first sessions in the pools on Monday 23rd May. You will also be able to drop in to these sessions but you may have to wait at peak times and we cannot guarantee that there will be spaces available. 


In the current environment, booking enables us to effectively plan our workforce to ensure we can safely run all our activities in our pools with as little disruption as possible to customers. As with everything we do, we will continue to monitor and evaluate how this works in practise going forward.  


What is a 'casual swim'? 

In casual swim sessions you can enjoy the water however you wish. You can use the open water or, if there are lanes available, you can also swim in these. At times there may be other activities happening in the pool at the same time, such as swim lessons. Certain casual swim sessions will be deep water sessions but these will called 'Deep Water Only' on our website and app. For these sessions you must be able to swim 25m unaided. 


We have a range of swim sessions running in our pools. Here is a link to a reminder of the other sessions you can book.   


Can I book a family into a casual swim session? 

Our Family Fun Swim sessions have been designed specifically for families with bookings set up to make it as easy as possible to book a family together. If you are booking a swim for your family, we recommend that you continue to use Family Fun Swim sessions. 


If you'd like to bring your family to a casual swim session you can drop in and pay by card at your pool.  There may be a wait at peak times and we can't guarantee that spaces will be available. Or you can ask a member of the team in our venues to book your family into a casual swim session.  


You can find the times of casual swim sessions on our online timetables. And if you download our app you can check to see how many spaces are left in your chosen session before you leave.   


We are working on a method to enable families or groups to book in together. As with everything we do, we will continue to monitor and evaluate these changes. 

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